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Cheesy come, cheesy go!

Juan Monteverde is a top-rated attorney from New York City. He is the founder and managing partner of Monteverde &Associates PC. With his vast experience in law, Juan focuses on advocating for shareholder rights hence maximizing the shareholder’s value.

Juan Monteverde shares his opinion about executive compensation through his various writings and speaking regularly at ACI, PLI, ABA, including other conferences concerning merger litigation. He was ranked as a New York’s Metro Rising star by super lawyers. Martindale –Hubbell also selected him as a Top Rated Lawyer.

Juan Monteverde’s Work History

Juan Monteverde started his own business after working for decades for several firms. The firm has built a legacy by helping clients attain favorable outcomes through legal acts. His firm only makes money when it achieves good results for shareholders through a fee structure known as a contingency fee.

Since he had cases on file from old firms, his business was profitable from the beginning. His advice is that things may not always turn as expected, but attorneys should never give up. He got his first client through press releases associated with the merger and acquisition transition.

About Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde is excited about shaping corporate law in the country. Don Quixote’s book by Miguel Cervantes has inspired him throughout his work. According to him, networking is important for professional growth and learning. He believes that being knowledgeable and well updated with legal developments is crucial if one wants to succeed in law.

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