Thats What Cheese Said

Cheesy come, cheesy go!

Joseph Ashford has huge business connections in London and other parts of the world. He has worked in different successful positions in different companies for the last few decades prior to founding 4K Global. His exposure to different sectors has enabled him to create a successful multi-dimensional organization with global business operations. 4K Global offers services in marketing, public relations, events management, VIP security, media, etc. He successfully manages a diverse business due to the high-quality leadership skills he acquired in his previous roles as a top manager. Joseph Ashford has transformed 4K Global within less than a decade because he has a strong supportive team in London.

According to Joseph Ashford, you must be passionate about everything you do for you to succeed in business. When you love something, it will consume lesser energy to perform the task. On the other hand, the opposite is true. Joseph Ashford values work-life balance. He believes you don’t need to spend 18hrs per day in your business for you to succeed. With good strategic planning, the marketing guru says you can still achieve your dream easily. He says if you rest well as an entrepreneur, you are bound to be more productive. If you mentor your juniors well and delegate some duties, you will have some free time to spend with your loved ones and more

Joseph advocates for every business to be socially responsible. The main aim of introducing your product or service to the market should be to benefit the consumers. In short, you should not be driven by huge profits. If you solve people’s problems, nature has a way of rewarding your good deeds. When it comes to getting new ideas, Joseph Ashford mostly brainstorms with his team to get the best solution. Also, to be productive as a leader, always communicate with your staff. Let them know their strengths and weakness so that they can put more effort where necessary.