Thats What Cheese Said

Cheesy come, cheesy go!

James Gutierrez is a renowned entrepreneur whose primary expertise is finance and technology, commonly known as fintech. James Gutierrez is an individual whose strong values in life and business have led to his growth and success in the entrepreneurship journey. James believes that established entrepreneurs need to help startups through their business journeys. James draws his values from his family as he comes from a family which has been at the forefront of fighting for Latino rights; this is because he comes from a family of immigrants who know well the struggles that other immigrants face within the United States.

James Gutierrez always wanted to continue with the course his family believed in and wholesomely supported. For James, his focus has been on the economic empowerment of the communities of color living in the United States. Therefore he has always fought for these communities to find value in a good credit score. James advises that it is only through good credit that people can spend less. The dedication towards economic empowerment of vulnerable communities saw James apply to join Stanford University Business School to gain knowledge through research and afterward use such knowledge to attain her various aspirations.

The first company James Gutierrez founded right after college was Progreso Financiero. Through this company, his aim has always been to help people build a good credit record. From lending loans of as little as 1200 USD, families and individuals who paid back fast enough grew their credit score. As a result, through James’ company, most of his target group, the underbanked in society, now had a chance to generate wealth. While other lending institutions use formal collateral when making consideration of loans. All James has always relied on is something he calls moral collateral. According to him, people with good morals will always pay their loans.

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