Thats What Cheese Said

Cheesy come, cheesy go!

James Gutierrez is a social entrepreneur whose primary focus is innovative financial services. With his knowledge and experience in fintech technology for countless individuals. He has founded the company known as Insikt Ventures. Additionally, he serves in different boards of Government institutions bringing on board his expertise on social justice initiatives. He is constantly seeking ways of improving the lending industry to help traditionally marginalized groups. He has a recent interview where he discusses several aspects and his plan to enhance individuals’ financial wellness.

  • Inclusivity and opportunity

James Gutierrez is particular on financial inclusion for all. He says the system is not favorable to the poor who would like to build some wealth. The Aura and Oportun have helped in inclusion, but still more needs to be done. He is looking to develop new companies that can assist in models of scale.

Both Aura and Oportun have received the designation of being a community development financial institution. The recognition is great, but the company cannot grow to reach a broader customer base. To properly scale the business, he talks of improving technology and models that can serve millions. James Gutierrez is passionate about public policy with his dream of inclusion on all citizens, not leaving anyone behind based on standard exclusions.

  • The tools to bring large scale ideas

James Gutierrez talks about finding people of power to help in the community by proposing new ideas. The concept of Environmental Sustainability Growth is a great idea that requires

companies to have a sustainable and social purpose. He believes the state government can create policies that require companies who produce the most emissions to get a lower rating and taxes increased because of the degradable emissions to the environment.

James Gutierrez has seen that products that have grown tremendously are those, which have embraced digital technology—building tailor-made products to help clients build wealth and succeed financially.

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