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Georgette Mulheir has used her thirty years of experience innovating social policy across thirty-three countries developing better systems for care that protect children across the globe. Georgette Mulheir has worked with governments, major global donors and international organizations to ensure policies are implemented that ensure children’s wellbeing. In Sudan, she worked with UNICEF to implement a system of care that prevented the abandonment of babies by single or unwed mothers on the streets of Khartoum. She headed the decriminalization of unwed women, with punishment under Sharia Law, resulting in saving over ten thousand babies while keeping women safe not to give up their children. 


Georgette also worked in the United States leading an emergency response to reunite hundreds of children with their families at the US/Mexico border. In Tigray, Ethiopia she implemented a foster care system that keeps children fleeing the violence in safe, healthy homes and not detention centers. As a result of her tireless work, Georgette earned recognition and has been the recipient of numerous awards. These include the Charity of the Year, Project Zero and Tribeca Disruptive Innovation awards. Georgette Mulheir has a successful TED talk that has been viewed almost one million times, and has been named one of the thirty most influential social workers. Her work and experience have led Georgette Mulheir to found Defend Haiti’s Democracy. 


An organization that works with Haitians to persuade the international community to recognize the bubbling conflict in Haiti and prioritize helping Haiti end the crisis and overseeing a peaceful transition of power with restoration of adequate functioning democractic system and structures. Haiti finds itself under siege from within since President Jovenel Moise refused to step down on February 7th, 2021. He has instead aligned himself with gang leaders who use violence, kidnapping and massacres of civilians to keep control. Defending Haiti’s Democracy has three priorities: ending the violence through increased pressure, bringing all perpetrators to justice and using international support to strengthen Haiti’s rebuilding. According to Georgette Mulheir, it also seeks peaceful transition of power through policy changes in Haiti by installing a transition government to restore democracy. 

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