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There is a horrifying tradition and culture around death and how people mourn and remember their loved ones. Whether it’s a family member or a pet, the grieving moment paves the way towards wellness. Eterneva understands the power of grief and wellness after the death of a loved one. Therefore, the company has established a new opportunity of turning cremated ashes into diamonds. After losing a loved one or a pet, one can have the ashes cremated and converted into a diamond. The process helps in keeping the memories of the deceased alive. Read more at Medium

In 2017, Garrett Ozar and Adelle Archer established Eterneva, with Austin being its headquarters. The grief company converts cremated ashes into diamonds by extracting carbon from the ashes before using extreme heat and pressure. The company has outsourced a $3 million funding that will help expand its facilities and production capabilities. Through the expansion, the company projects an increase in the number of diamonds they make per year.

The company was founded at a time when Archer lost his close friend. Archer discovered lab-grown diamonds as a fundamental way to honour his friend’s memories. Since its establishment in 2017, the grief and wellness company has grown to a team of 17 employees. The company has relocated its premises to a 4,000 square-foot facility in South Austin. The new office has an in-house diamond lab that supports its operations. The process of converting the ashes to diamonds takes utmost ten months. The company keeps their clients informed with video and picture updates. The process costs between $2,999 to $50,000, depending on the preferences and details a client presents.

The company, through its underway facility, will allow loved ones to participate in the process. The company has created digital dedication pages. The pandemic has restricted social gathering, and the digital dedication pages will help people to grieve. COVID has changed things as people aren’t visiting their loved ones in hospitals or even attending funerals. Therefore, people are now talking openly about death and grief hence the need for an irrefutable grief and wellness solution. Learn more: