Thats What Cheese Said

Cheesy come, cheesy go!

Asot Antony Michael was born in 1969 in the French Indies in Guadeloupe, a family of politicians. He is a third generation member of the Asot Michael family. His father and grandfather were actively involved in the politics of Antigua and Barbuda and were ardent supporters of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. His brothers, too, were active in politics and were involved in socio-political anthropic activities that would better the lives of the community around them. Michael Asot’s professional career started in 1992 as a Managing Director at Asot’s Arcade & Patrick A. Michael Co. Ltd. 


He worked here until 1994 when he joined the prime minister’s office as a Special Administrative Assistant between 1995to 1997. Later, Asot Michael would serve as the leader of personnel In the Office of the Chief Minister, Government of Antigua and Barbuda from 1997 to 2000. In March 1999, Asot Michael became a representative. He was delegated as Government Senator in the Higher Chamber of legislation in Antigua and Barbuda. Additionally, he was delegated Secretary of State in the Office of the Chief Minister with duty regarding Public Works, transmission, protection, power and St. John’s Development Corporation. 


Asot’s journey did not end here. In 2001, he was designated a whole secretary of state with obligations regarding Public Works, Communications Insurance, and St. John’s Development. Between May 1999 to June 2003, Michael was designated and filled in as Leader of Administrative profession in the Senate, Higher Chamber of legislation of Antigua, and Barbuda (Pinterest).


Presently, Asot fills in as the elected member of Parliament of St. Peters, where he continues to fight for the rights of his constituents; He has rehabilitated the Antigua and Barbuda government and had forgotten two schools in his constituency that he said. He has asked the nationals of Barbuda to remain positive in the face of the global epidemic because it will come to an end, and life will return to normalcy.

Asot Michael has stayed focused on the development of Antigua and Barbuda. Following up for his constituents, Michael has quickly acquired a standing similar to an imaginative pioneer, a reasonable implementer of public framework projects, and a local area pioneer committed to the development of his country.